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Tubiniana, an Estonian music event on June 5th 2012


You are cordially invited to an Estonian music event at 19 hrs on June 5th at the Tokyo Opera-City Recital Hall.

           I am very delighted to have this wonderful opportunity to welcome the many admireres of Eduard Tubin’s music today in Tokyo at this grand concert.

            This year marks the passage of 30 years since the death of the outstanding Estonian composer Eduard Tubin (1905-1982). Originating from a simple fishing village on the shores of Estonia’s largest lake Peipsi, Tubin, in virtue of his exceptional talent and distinguished teachers, developed into a notable multi-instrumentalist, collector of folk songs and one of Estonia’s most phenomenal composers.

E. Tubin’s life was similar to many of his 20th century contemporaries in Europe and beyond in that it was greatly affected by the two wars. For Tubin the World War II meant that his fatherland, the independent Republic of Estonia was occupied in turn by Nazi-Germany and the Red Army. He was forced to flee in 1944 to the neutral Sweden from the totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union. He remained in Stockholm – so close to Estonia yet so tragically far – till the end of his days.

            The magnificence of Tubin’s music derives from a successful combination of classical composition with the newest techniques of music writing available in the 20th century. For Estonians his music’s sounds in first line can draw a connection to the national melodies and traditional music art. For listeners around the world, the allure in Tubin’s music lies in a combination of peculiar rhythm and modern sound that entwines with the traditional.

            While E. Tubin did not live as long as to see the re-establishment of Estonia’s independence in 1991, the soviet censorship could not stop his works from becoming known in Estonia during his time. Having obtained Swedish citizenship to avoid possible Soviet Union’s repressions, he visited the occupied Estonia several times to join the performances of his works.

            Today E. Tubin’s works fascinate music lovers around the world. Estonia’s well known conductors Neeme and Paavo Järvi among others have contributed to introducing Tubin to different audiences. For organising today’s concert I would like to thank especially the pianist and scholar of music Mr. Takahiro Akiba. As a researcher of Tubin Mr. Akiba was the initiator behind this event. In addition, I would like to thank the pianist and a person very knowledgeable of Estonian music Ms. Yuko Yoshioka, violinist Ms. Mika Akiba and flutist Mr. Norihisa Shirashi. This concert would not be possible without the support of the Japan-Estonia Friendship Association, especially President Mr. Tadahiko Yoshino, Vice-President Mr. Hiichiro Murayama and Secretary-General Ms. Hideko Arai.

I wish you all great moments listening to the splendid Estonian music!

Toivo Tasa

Ambassador of Estonia to Japan



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