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Estonian shop and festival in Saku


In August a shop selling Estonian goods was opened in Saku City located in the rooms of the Oginoya drive-in shop in Saku. In addition to Oginoya company president, the guest at the opening reception included representatives from Saku City and Nagano prefecture. Mr. Veikko Montonen gave a speech on behalf of the Estonian Embassy.

The first Estonian Festival in Saku was opened along with the new store which lasted until end of August. The festival was a success. It introduced both to Saku residents as well as the visitors to Saku Estonian culture, cuisine and handicraft. In addition to photo exhibition about Estonia that remained open in the Estonian shop during the festival, tourist information was also available to invite people to learn more about Estonia and its sightseeing spots. Special attention was dedicated to the Saku’s namesake friendship town in Estonia as well as to the Estonian Saku beer which will remain on sale in the shop. Members of the Saku Japan-Estonia Friendship Association played an important part in the organisation of the successful festival in Saku.

The Estonian shop in Saku is definitely worth to visiting also in the future. In the shop Estonian handicraft and Saku beer are available together with other things from Estonia. Saku City is located in Nagano Prefecture and lies 170 km to Northeast of Tokyo. The Oginoya drive-in shop is located right at the Saku exit of the Joshinetsu Expressway. Furthermore, within 20 minute walk from the shop is Sakudaira station where Shinkansen trains from Tokyo make a stop.

Photos from the opening ceremony


Oginoya Saku drive-in shop (in Japanese)

Events at the Oginoya Saku drive-in shop (in Japanese)

Location of the shop on Google Maps

Sightseeing spots in Saku City (in Japanese)

Saku Japan-Estonia Friendship Association (in Japanese)


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